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Dosendeckeleule Ines Felix - Kreatives zum Nachmac

Reusing aluminium can lids

Creative ways to Repurpose Aluminium can Lids | ecogreenlove

Bottle Cap Art - Owl

поделки из дисков

Идеи для дачи

Biene aus Konservendose

Basteln mit Blechdosen: die Konserven Biene - [GEO]

Saucepan Lid Owls Are Beyond Adorable | The WHOot

recycled owl chimes out of food can lids More

Recycled milk carton diy!

Use an old milk carton, some lollipop sticks and some scrap fabric to make these pretty fabric lined baskets.

How To Make A Recycled Tin Can Owl

We turn metal trash into a cute tin can owl that can be hung in your garden or used as cute windowsill planters in this easy to follow tutorial.And if owls aren’t your thing, you can easily adapt this fun tin can craft to make up an imaginary creature or robot. What you need to make a recycled tin can owl Empty tin cans with their labels removed. Metal household scrap. We used bottle tops, washers, nuts and used coffee pods. Wire Stick to make a perch Glue suitable for stickin…

Upcycle – Make an Owl

The CD in this owl serves to catch and reflect all the colours in the spectrum and at the same time scare away any unwelcome avian thieves in your fruit trees. The owl shape will make doubly sure your fruit trees keep their fruit until you're ready to pick them. Made using a CD, jar lids, hose clamps, bottle tops, buttons, fork & handles, dessert forks and egg lifts.

Art by Shari Elf 2010

recycle old brushes inspired by Art by Shari Elf 2010

scrap metal owl

I made this owl from an aluminum can, some Chipotle foil lids, a couple of jar lids, and household metal bits and pieces. I used a drill to make the holes, and twisty ties to connect everything--sometimes, like for the eyes, I made a knot, where as the wings are "sewn" in two places with some telephone wire.