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Vegan Black Bean & Lentil Chili

Vegan Black Bean & Lentil Chili

Vegan Black Bean & Lentil Chili 1 reviews · 15 min

Banana Baked Oatmeal {Vegan & Easy} | FeelGoodFood

Easy to make, this vegan Peanut Butter Banana Baked Oatmeal is delicious and tasty! This healthy make-ahead breakfast will keep you feeling full until lunch

Vegan DoubleTree Cookies

We made these world famous cookies completely vegan!

Vegan Bolognese Sauce Recipe (With Lentils) - Elav

This Vegan Bolognese is a hearty and flavorful dish that’s easy to toss together. Made with your run of the mill pantry items, this savory sauce is composed of simple ingredients. A dinner dish bursting with flavor and chock-full of vegetables, for one very satisfying meal. #veganbolognese #lentilbolognese #elasrecipes

Vegan BBQ Lentil Meatballs! 😋(Fully Plant-Based wi

BBQ lentil meatballs. Simple plant-based ingredients of lentils, rice, mushrooms, and BBQ sauce. Vegan protein packed dish! These lentil meatballs serve great as a post-work meal or as an appetizer for your party or game day events! #vegan #soyfree #veganmeatballs #lentilmeatballs #veganmealprep #veganprotien #dairyfree #meatless #barbeque #veganmealplan #vegetarianmeatballs

Cheesy Cauliflower Nachos | Eating Bird Food

These low-carb cauliflower nachos are cheesy, delicious and loaded with extra veggies like tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, onions and avocado. #cauliflower #nachos #cauliflowernachos #lowcarb #vegetarian #sheetpanmeal #sheetpandinner

Creamy Vegan One-Pot Pasta

This vegan one-pot pasta is made with roasted red peppers, spinach and a beautiful, creamy cashew rosé sauce. You can have this on the table in about 30 minutes! FOLLOW The Recipe Well for more great recipes! #creamy #simple #easy #weeknight #dinner

Vegan Mushroom Wild Rice Soup | ShortGirlTallOrder

The creamiest Vegan Mushroom Wild Rice soup that is dairy-free & made with no cream. This vegetarian mushroom rice soup is so easy, creamy, & can be made in one pot & in 1 hour or less. A healthy mushroom soup recipe with wild rice & coconut milk. This vegan & gluten-free soup has only 8-ingredients & is hearty, simple, & truly filling! #mushroomsoup #vegansoup #mushroomwildricesoup #healthysoup #creamysoup #souprecipes #sgtoeats

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You will love these healthy Chipotle Tofu Quinoa Bowls! This easy recipe is vegan, gluten free, and meal prep friendly. Easy to make and makes a delicious vegetarian lunch or dinner for the week with avocados, tomatoes, and greens! #tofurecipe #quinoabowl #quinoabowlhealthy #mealpreprecipes #easymealprep

Best Damn Vegan Chili

This the best hearty, meaty and satisfying vegan chili my husband has ever made. It is loaded with whole foods like veggies, legumes, and grains. All the good stuff. Ridiculously easy and healthy recipe, just how we like it. How about you? #veganchili #easyveganchili #veganmexicanrecipe

Easy Lentil Potato Soup Recipe

Easy Lentil Potato Soup Recipe – quick and simple to make, chunky, hearty and comforting meal, perfect for the cold weather.

Vegan Black Bean & Lentil Chili

Vegan Black Bean & Lentil Chili