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Chipotle Hummus Taquitos - Create Mindfully

Chipotle Hummus Taquitos - Create Mindfully

Chipotle Hummus Taquitos - Create Mindfully Chipot

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dip

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dip is a delicious, lighter version of your favorite appetizer! Made with simple ingredients like greek yogurt, chicken and cheese in your oven or crockpot! There is NO cream cheese in this recipe. Easy, gluten free, keto & loaded with flavor - you'll love it! Check the post for videos and step by step photos on how to make buffalo chicken dip. #healthy #buffalochicken #dip #appetizer #keto #glutenfree

Easy Zucchini + Potato Veggie Fritters (Gluten-Fre

Easy Zucchini + Potato Veggie Fritters (Gluten-Free, Vegan-Optional, Dairy + Nut-Free) — living minnaly

Black Bean Naan Bowls + 5 Healthy Black Bean Recip

Black Bean Naan Bowls + 5 Healthy Black Bean Recipes

Instant Pot Balsamic Pot Roast - (low carb, keto,

Instant Pot Balsamic Pot Roast. Easy quick Pressure cooker beef recipe. pressure cooker balsamic roast. gluten free recipe, paleo recipe, keto, low carb, whole 30. clean eating, healthy recipe idea, easy weeknight dinner.

Roasted Green Beans are a deliciously easy side dish. Roasted in olive oil, garlic and parmesan, then baked with cheese until melted!

Baked Onion Rings

These Baked Onion Rings are so light, crunchy and delicious. They are low in fat, gluten-free and vegan made with the perfect blend of spices!

Recipe Alert! Easy Sticky Sesame Cauliflower | One

This sticky sesame cauliflower from Claire at Eat With Clarity is like your favorite Chinese takeout, but better. It’s easy to make, gluten free, vegan, and perfect as a simple entree or an appetizer for a crowd.

Sweet and Sour Cauliflower | Avocado Centric ( veg

This vegan sweet and sour cauliflower recipe is healthy, plant based, baked and so easy to make! It’s gluten free, simple, crispy, great as a main dish or a side dish. It is a perfect alternative to sweet and sour chicken for vegans and it’s not fried. They are roasted and then coated with homemade sweet and sour sauce to give so much flavor. You only need a few ingredients to make this vegetarian sweet and sour cauliflower and you can use an air fryer! #sweetandsourcauliflower #vegan #easy

Loaded Veggie Tikka Masala

Loaded Veggie Tikka Masala- this vegan tikka masala is easy to make, FULLY vegan, and loaded with delicious vegetables and chickpeas!

General Tso's Tofu | Darn Good Veggies

30 minute General Tso's Tofu is full of crispy pan-seared tofu tossed in a flavorful sticky sauce! This dish is spicy, sweet, and full of umami. Vegan and gluten free. It is everything you want in take-out. Crispy pan-fried tofu is tossed in a sticky sauce that is both sweet, spicy, and packed with umami. The sauce thickens and glazes the tofu. The tofu has irresistibly crisp edges. And it all comes together in a flash!

Chipotle Hummus Taquitos - Create Mindfully