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I want this 😍

I want this 😍

I want this 😍 Comment

Satisfying Slime Drop

Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for more satisfying slime videos like this one. Turn on your sound to experience the full ASMR effect 🔉 #slimevideos #oddlysatisfying #ASMR #slimeshop #slimeobsidian #crunchyslimes

Gel Beads and Worms | activity for kids

This experiment uses sodium alginate powder to illustrate the concept of cross-linking of polymer chains. We will combine the Calcium-free alginate solution with a solution of Calcium Chloride to produce gelled beads and strings (called worms!). Kids love playing this.


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Satisfying Slime ASMR

From icee slimes to crunchy slimes, we have everything you need for endless hours of entertainment. Did you know that playing with slime has also been found to help reduce stress and anxiety? Visit our website to shop our full selection and start playing! #satisfyingslime #ASMRslime #crunchyslime #oddlysatisfying #satisfyingvideos #stressrelief #relaxingvideos

ASMR Satisfying Slime Video

Grab your Slime making kit and start crafting at home :D Don't just watch videos , make your own. because the feeling of touching a slime is maybe the most satisfying thing. So Click the link if you want to have a good fun and satisfying moment! #Slime #ASMR #SlimeASMR #Satisfaction #SatisfyingVideos #Affiliate

Clay Cracking asrm

Follow us on youtube "Pure Saatisfaction" Credit: video by ASMR BOMBA on instagram #crunchyasmr #crunchyasmrvideos #crunchy #asmrvideos #poppingclay #poppingclayvideos #poppingclayasmr #asmr

honey gets me satisfied everytime *-*

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Colorful Keyboard

Product is linked below for your convinience. Click on the 3 dots on the bottom right of the video. Click on Visit Website. Done! Affiliate link below 👇🏻


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I want this 😍

I want this 😍