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Reading Strategies for ADHD Kids - Fuzzymama

Reading Strategies for ADHD Kids - Fuzzymama

Reading Strategies for ADHD Kids - Fuzzymama ADHD

Please Don't Say This to Your ADHD Child, Try This

There are so many things I hear come from mouths of parents with the best of intentions that cut so deep into children struggling with ADHD. It's hard when we lose our patience, but please try not to say these things and try this other technique instead with your ADHD child.

25+ Strategies for Kids with ADHD

25+ strategies for kids and teens with ADHD! Help students find success in the classroom with organization, study strategies, extra movement, building confidence, strategies for attention, setting up a work station, and more. Activities and materials to use to help children and young adults be more independent. #adhd #pathway2success

Magnifying Glass

I recently wrote about the immense benefits of Omega-3 Supplements for individuals with ADHD. Since this post, I started researching other natural ways to treat common symptoms of ADHD. If you haven’t read the post about omega-3 yet, check it out, as I will make references throughout this post. Here are four more natural ADHD …

ADHD & Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria is an ADHD symptom that most of us struggle with, but it's not even in the diagnostic criteria! Crazy right? Because of that, alot of ADHD adults and ADHD kids don't realize that their struggle with overwhelming emotions and sensitivity to criticism is totally an ADHD struggle. Here's what it is and what to do about it. #ADHD #ADHDadult #ADHDWomen #ADHDsolutions #ADHDsymptoms

Vitamin Deficiencies and ADHD...Your Starting Poin

Vitamin Deficiencies and ADHD...Your Starting Point! - 3 with ADHD

ADHD Strategies

Anger Management Techniques for kids. These Deescalation strategies can help with ADHD anger issues and calm your child quickly.

A Child Therapist's Best Tips for Parenting a Chil

These ADHD strategies for kids are backed by a child therapist. Parenting tips for kids with ADHD will help lessen symtoms and improve their well-being. #ADHD #strategies #kids #parenting #raisingachildwithADHD

The ADHD Diet and Sugar - Fuzzymama

I know that sugar is an ADHD food to avoid, but not all "sugars" are the same. In fact the best ADHD food to avoid is not even sugar! Food can have an incredible impact of the symptoms of ADHD.

How To Discipline An ADHD Child Effectively - Star

Your ADHD child’s behavior is caused by an actual disorder beyond his complete control. So most one-size-fits-all parenting advice can be completely unhelpful for your child. But that doesn’t mean that you must tolerate poor behavior. You can learn effective techniques to bring peace to your home. Find out the most effective discipline ideas and strategies for ADHD kids. #ADHDkids #ADHDdiscipline #parentingtips

The ADHD Library for Parents

These 10 books will give you supportive stories, up-to-date treatment pointers, and discipline strategies that really work for kids with ADHD and challenging co-morbid conditions.

Reading Strategies for ADHD Kids - Fuzzymama

Reading Strategies for ADHD Kids - Fuzzymama