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12 Basic Social Skills Kids Need

12 Basic Social Skills Kids Need

12 Basic Social Skills Kids Need Basic social skil

Games for Social Skills

Games are a great way to teach and practice social skills like conversations, turn taking, self-control, and more. Use some of these ideas to help kids and teens improve their social skills in your classroom. #pathway2success

How to Teach Social Skills, Step by Step

Steps to Teach Social Skills in the Classroom (and at home) - great, easy-to-follow steps here!

Teaching Kindness with a Free Activity

Teaching kindness is always important! It's one of the most foundational social skills that we can teach children and teens. Use this post to learn about how to teach kindness with a free activity. #pathway2success

25 Ways to Integrate Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning is well worth the time! It helps improve academic performance, increases motivation, improves self-regulation skills, creates the feeling of community, and much more. #sel #socialemotionallearning #pathway2success

What’s Your Name? Fitness Activity Printable for K

Spell your name workout fitness activity printable for kids. Your kids will get a workout without realizing it when you make fitness into a fun game. #kids #healthy #kidsworkout #workoutforkids #fitness #healthykids

Self Care for Teachers and Students

School Counselors can use this no prep self-care kit for teachers and students to bring wellness during a pandemic. Use the printable bulletin board kit and self care journal to keep your school physically and mentally ready for the year. #selfcareforteachers #schoolcounselor #thecounselingteacherbrandy

Back from the printer

I have an addiction. Or three, maybe four.      1 kuai colored paper      double-sided tape      custom printing (with unique fonts) ...

101 positive affirmations for kids and young adults to help boost confidence and promote independence. Whether kids are in preschool, elementary, middle, or high school, all kids can truly benefit from using positive affirmations! #affirmations #positivea

Social Skills Visual Posters - Digital and Print -

Love this poster set to highlight the social skills that kids and teens need! It includes skills about emotions, perspective-taking and empathy, conversations, basic skills, and more. Choose to make a bulletin board or post one poster per week to highlight and discuss social skills. Great way to integrate social emotional learning and build a more positive climate for your students! #pathway2success #socialskills

Social Emotional Learning in the Primary Classroom

Teaching social skills is so important to ensure that students understand character development and respect. Read about how we use hundreds of SEL lessons, printable storybooks, partner plays and social skills games to help create responsible citizens! #SEL #characterdevelopment #socialemotionaldevelopment #teachingsocialskills #firstgradesocialskills #kindergartensocialskillslessons

12 Basic Social Skills Kids Need