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God in Real Life

It’s funny how upset people get when you hold them accountable for their actions. For more on relationships, faith, and emotional health, check out Godinreallife.com. Narcissists. Personality disorders. Addiction. Toxic. Boundaries. Sowing and reaping. Consequences. Confrontation. Intervention.

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#Abusers are able to #fool those OUTSIDE the #home because they usually only abuse those INSIDE the home. :(


A toxic person is a toxic person no matter your relationship to them. Their only goal is to make you as miserable as they are. Cut the ties that bind you down--You'll be a Happier Person!

True dat

The black sheep's got bs too. But funny. Wasn't that bad until more family members started being added. Plus I guess my dad was jealous of all the tangles in my hair. Heck if I know.

Staying above it is worth it in the end

Staying above it is worth it in the end

How journaling combats gaslighting & frees you fro

Looking for practical steps to free yourself from narcissistic abuse? Journaling combats gaslighting by recording the truth of the reality you are living in. Unlock your truth and strength using this method.

Psychological Tips For Love

All narcissists tell on themselves...through projection.

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Healing from Narcissistic and Sociopathic abuse

Healing from Narcissistic and Sociopathic abuse