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Thank me later...

Place your ice cream in a plastic freezer bag to keep it easy to scoop.


🔥 [LIMITED SPOTS] => This particular survival life hacks Diy projects For Survival Prepping Nuclear seems to be 100 % terrific, will have to bear this in mind next time I've a bit of money in the bank .BTW talking about money... Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping

Relieve Stress with Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose (Viparit

Viparita Karani yoga pose - Legs up the wall - Encourages circulation of blood and lymph from the feet and legs. Bathes the abdomen in fresh blood, stimulating the digestive organs. Soothes the nervous system, allowing your body to shift its attention from warding off stress to daily bodily functions, including detox. Note the pillow/bolster she is using.

Body Moisturizers

Soak in that bath... THEN after you gently towel dry, apply a natural moisturizer with only truly organic ingredients. CLICK THROUGH to see the BEST moisturizers for your skin. #skincare #beauty #moisturizer #natural #organic #essentialoils #sanre

This Hairstyle Hack is Just Awesome

What Ketogenic Recipes Is - and What it Is Not - H

This is How Headaches Reveal What is Wrong With Your Health! All of us sometimes experience headaches, and there is an effective trick in order to solve them. You simply need to eat a banana and dr… #HealthFitnessTips

Warts: the Ultimate Convenience! - Healthy Medicin

The usage of apple cider vinegar which is diluted in water viably treats different medical problems including: Indigestion The powerlessness of the body to appropriately process the expended food #NaturalRemediesForInflammation

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Out of Ibuprofen? Use these Pressure Points techniques to cure common ailments.

What where you get your pimples/ acne means

What where you get your pimples/ acne means | Cherie

DIY: hydro dipping sandals

Thank me later...