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Home / Bundle 3 of any 3/$15 items & make the $15 offer!

Bundle 3 of any 3/$15 items & make the $15 offer!

Bundle 3 of any 3/$15 items & make the $15 offer!

Bundle 3 of any 3/$15 items & make the $15 offer!

❤️HUGE SALE! Just add any 5 items marked ‘5 FOR $25’ to a bundle. Ignore the bundle price and send me an offer of $25 and they are yours! Spring clean out sale!!! You’re welcome. 🤗😘👌❤️ Other

Love Positive Quotes Inspire Yourself & Others Accessories

3 for $15 sale! All items $15 and under are 3/$15 BUNDLE AND SAVE!! As a bargain shopper, I love getting a good deal! That’s exactly what this is for you! Any items marked $15 and under are 3 for $15. Just bundle or like 3 items marked at $15 or under, and I will send you and offer for $15. And you’ll get an additional 5% off for bundling two or more items! All items are from a pet free and smoke free home. All items ( besides NWT) are also gently washed. Other

Trendy Chocker Necklace ( ALL included ) in set 😍 Top of Fashion, Trendy and Elegant Chocker Necklace is made out of High Quality materials- suede ribbon, Crystals. You can wear it with any outfit & occasions 😍 T&J Designs Jewelry Necklaces

Check Out My New Items! New items follow this sign. Thank you so much for visiting my closet! J. Crew Other

Fall Style Essentials

What to wear this Fall! From tennis shoes to green army jackets, leopard and houndstooth #fallstyleessentials #fallstyletips #whattowearthisfall

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Meet your Posher, Elhusuba luxury Coming soon! Hi! I'm Elhusuba luxury. Some of my favorite brands are Louis Vuitton, Coach, Nike, Tory Burch, and CHANEL. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave me a comment so that I can check out your closet too. :) Meet the Posher Other

Meet your Posher, Melissa Hi beauties! I'm Melissa. I am a lifestyle blogger & posh ambassador who loves fashion and style. I resell my own clothing as well as clothes I have sourced. All of my items on Poshmark are practically new. They have either been worn just once for a photoshoot, or worn 1 - 2 times. My goal is to sell items that are in mint condition and help you look fashionable and beautiful. I am open to offers so please reach out and make one! Happy Poshing!💕 Meet the Posher Other

💕THANK YOU!💕FOLLOW ME, I’ll follow you! Follow me, I’ll follow you!! Accessories

Bundle 3 of any 3/$15 items & make the $15 offer!